How to Bring the Spa Home

Spas bring relaxation, peace, and comfort to our lives. This is why bridal parties will sometimes indulge in a spa before the big day. They calm our bodies, relieve our minds, and make us feel better. However, spas also enhance our overall well-being, renewing our body, mind, and spirit. More specifically, spas have been known to improve physical well-being, mental health, improve quality of sleep, resulting in fewer sick days. This has practical implications as fewer days of work are missed and more time with family is spent.

What if you could bring a spa into your home? What if you could live the “spa life” every day? This article will offer a number of practical ways to help bring the spa to your home in order to improve your quality of life by helping you unwind and to help you sleep better.

Steam Shower

When it comes to bringing the spa home, you will want to add something that really feels like your bathroom has turned into a spa. One of the best ways to do this is by adding a steam unit for your shower. Steam showers have been known to clear and moisturize skin, improve blood circulation, open up the sinuses to make breathing easier, and relieve stress. They have also been known to help the recovery process from exercising.

Typically steam showers have been at spa days or spa destinations. However, with more options for installing steam showers in your home, more and more people are exploring these options and putting steam showers in their home. Odds are that you will want to find a dealer. Unless you are a real do-it-yourself kind of person, your steam shower will probably be installed by a professional.

Understanding the Health Benefits

So how exactly do steam showers provide health benefits? Hot water helps the body relax which in turn helps you sleep better. The heat raises your body temperature and so your muscles relax. This makes you feel tired which helps you sleep better. In turn, the relaxed muscles can help alleviate various aches and pains, especially muscle injuries and even arthritis.

The heat relaxing the muscles is the key to understanding the health benefits of a steam shower. For example, steam also helps flesh out the waste that causes soreness and fatigue. Alternating between hot and cold water, known as contrast hydrotherapy, can also assist this process. To practice this contrast hydrotherapy, run hot water, or steam, for one minute and then run cold water for one minute for twenty minutes.

And of course, the major reason people enjoy steam showers is that they feel relaxed afterward. Again, this is because of the relaxed muscles. The hot water relaxes the muscles leading to all sorts of health benefits.

There is another health benefit to steam showers worth noting. Exposing your body to steam widens the blood vessels, increasing the blood flow and therefore improving circulation. This is known to even have a positive effect on blood pressure.


It’s the Little Things

Not all of us can install a steam shower or are able to have one installed right now. If this is the case, there are a number of “little” things that can be done to your bathroom to bring the spa to your home! And if you are able to add a steam shower, here are more ways to bring the spa life home! First, consider smells you may want in your spa bathroom. While candles are a classic standard in homes, consider other options for wonderful scents that require less attention. For example, reed diffusers are a flame and alcohol free way to create wonderful smells in your home spa.

Second, think about your feet. Lay down a plush, cushioned mat in your bathroom so your feet are immediately rewarded upon stepping out of the shower or bath. Along the same lines, consider placing a rubber mat into the bathtub to make the tub even more relaxing.

Thirdly, buy yourself a nice, soft robe with a little weight to it. The comfort of being in a robe while performing your own facial or while drying your hair will make these tasks even more rewarding. A little weight to the robe may calm the nervous system.

Lastly, consider the aesthetics of your bathroom. Keeping your batter decluttered will relieve you of stress. Choosing to organize with woven baskets or other calming sights will add to the spa-like feel of your bathroom. Adding some great art such as black and white photography, nautical paintings or soothing abstract art may also create a relaxing environment.


The Spa Life

As has been demonstrated, spas, especially steam showers, can help improve your health. By relaxing your muscles, you will be able to sleep better, relieve those aches, and improve your cardiovascular system. But a steam shower is not the only way to bring the spa home. There are a number of small additions or changes that you can make so that you can live the spa life every day.

Article by Jon Reyes, a guest writer from Clearwells. Jon is a specialist writer and has extensive knowledge in everything related to steam showers, saunas and hydrotherapy benefits.

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