Relax using the right massage techniques

If you are stressed out due to workload at the office or as a result of problems in the personal front, all you need to do for rejuvenating and reinvigorating yourself is to relax. And the right way to do it would be to go for a spa. One of the main aspects of spa treatment is the massage that is provided.

Here are a few massage therapies that will help you to relax:

For Curing Headaches

There can be several causes for headaches such as anxiety, stress or illness. It is possible to cure headaches or at least to reduce it by the techniques mentioned below:
Here the thumbs must be placed at the cheekbones, close to the ears. Pressure should be applied gently around the temples with the help of finger-tips.

The fingers should now be moved up to the hairline, up to the middle of the forehead.
There are other techniques for head massage as well that can be applied according to your preferences.

For Tired Eyes

We often strain our eyes by reading books or working on the computer for hours. The best treatment for these strained eyes would be to take massage in the way described below:
Close your eyes. Keep your thumb below the eyebrow and start massaging from the inside corner of the each eye socket. Now press the thumb and move it in tiny circles, slowly moving out to the outer side of the eyebrows. End it at the bridge of your nose.

Repeat the step for a couple of times with special care to the inside corners of the eye sockets. This portion is comparatively tender than the other parts and hence it would not be wise to apply extra pressure here. Instead, you should spend a little more time for this portion.

For Relaxing the Hands

Our hands get stressed as a result of the various activities that we perform throughout the day and need a thorough massaging for relaxation.

Moreover, massaging the hands will also benefit the other parts of the body such as the eyes, ears, mouth and sinuses since they are all connected using reflexology to the hands.

A good way to relax these hands would be to undergo a thorough massage in the way mentioned below:

  • First of all, you need to stretch out your hands and spread out the fingers.
  • Each finger from the base to the tip should be rubbed and the fingers should be gently pulled and twisted.
  • Now let one of your hands rest and slowly massage the fleshy part, starting from the wrist to the base of the thumb.
  • The web between the left index finger and thumb should be squeezed quite a few times, care being taken about the tender parts.
  • Finally the entire palm should be rubbed and massaged using gliding strokes.
  • The same process should be repeated for the other hand as well.

By using these massage techniques you can relax to the fullest and feel fresh and re-energized at the same time!

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